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Currently, the separation of sewer solids from sewage is usually achieved by perforated  screens or gratings.  These require external energy sources for cleaning by mechanical brushing or hydraulic jetting.

The "Comb Separator" is a new innovation that utilises combs to remove sewer solids from the overflowing nappe.  

  • The hanging wire combs intercept and deflect the solids to a holding chamber.

  • A quick-acting ball valve, closed by hydrostatic pressure from the sewer overflow chamber, retains  the solids in the  holding chamber
  • The combed nappe then passes over a perforated screen to a filtered water chamber before discharging to the receiving  water.  

  • The perforated screen separates the holding and filtered water chambers.

Following the overflow event, the quick-acting ball valve releases the captured sewer solids for flushing  back to the sewer chamber.  

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