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In the last fifteen years some 30 screens have been tested. Information on these tests is available in a publication  by Prof. A. J. Saul*. The Comb Separator test results are superimposed on the below diagram from this publication.

These are shown by the black line and, comparing with the other screens tested, demonstrates that the Comb  Separator is the third best overall and the best unpowered, self-cleansing screen.

The testing team state in their report that the Comb Separator retained a significant quantity of the sewer  solids and showed no sign of screen blinding or mechanical problems during the testing program. An aim of screen design has been the capture of aesthetic pollutants during CSO overflows generally defined as domestic sanitary products including sanitary  towels, tampons, pant liners, release tapes, condoms and cotton buds. For all test runs it was observed that 99% of these items were captured by the Comb Separator.

Following this report, WATSOL GmbH is pleased to be able to offer the water industry the Comb Separator  as a fully tested, effective sewer solids screening system for CSO chamber spill containment.

* CSO:  State of the Art Review, Adrian J. Saul, Professor, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, ICUD Conference Edinburgh, 2008

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