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                       We might see each other on the WASSER BERLIN.
                       Paper submitted for the Lyon Novatec 2013 Conference.
                       The Erftverband conducted a trail run on the Comb-Separator at their
                       site in Mainstreet. Clarified water was brought from nearby treatment
                       plant. Both of the CSO and the closing of the valve were inspected by
                       experts standing on the top or inside the overflow chamber.
                       Additional water was led in the CSO chamber to cause spilling and
                       emptying tests succesfully. Not only our own but also the Erfverband´s
                       high expectations were completely fulfilled.
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                    Inspection of the Erftverband building site of the
                       Emschergenossenschaft and the Lipperverband on 09.08.2012.
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                       Site inspection of the Niersverband on 13.07.2012.
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                       June - September: Installation and putting into service of two
                       devices for the Erftverband.
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